Graphics, something that catches your eye and immediately attracts you. Is it about the color? The size? The style? I Recently designed a banner, fascinating work and an awesome business. Those two elements plus being large makes a project so worth while. What is involved? Time and white space! It takes time to check out […]

Opening a PDF file in Illustrator usually guarantees a warning. A nice list of missing fonts… When designing you should keep to the 3 font rule: Use no more than 3 fonts for each project, depending on project size. This is to allow a consistency throughout the project. If you use too many fonts for the size […]

Being a Commercial Graphics Designer, I enjoy working with the programs the most! I use Adobe products, they are advanced AND user friendly. It took me 4.5 years to graduate with a Bachelors in Commercial Graphics and doing so for 13 years. What I have learned is that what you put in to it is […]