New Website for Parrot Bey and Corner Bistro


Website design is fascinating work!

I am developing a website for Parrot Bey and Corner Bistro in Pittsburg Kansas. If you haven’t tried Corner Bistro’s lunch menu or salad bar, it’s a must. I had a Cindy Lou sandwich and it was delicious!! And the atmosphere is exquisite with some very friendly staff. I’m currently working on Parrot Bey which is an Event Hall. Such as Weddings, Social gatherings and meetings. It is quaint with so much room you will be surprised when you see the pics, and such beautiful decorating.

I am currently working on the site and will post the web address once it is in full view. Right now I’m getting the information into the site and designing it! My best work is in Photoshop and graphic layout, I am still hammering out WordPress and it’s capabilities. There are so many options out there for website design and the key it seems it to find what will work best for me. I am ironing that down with the knowledge of the internet and free resources along with I have experience in html and Dreamweaver which helps in the design aspects. WordPress is an excellent and user friendly website that allows for customer blogging which a lot of people are into these days but even better you can have an information based site without any use of blogging and for little cost a .com.

I appreciate all my followers for joining with me in this new adventure. There is a first for everything and if I can help someone streamline their business I am a happy camper and even better when they are as well.

Love camping by the way, can’t wait for next years summer excursion.



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